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Horizon was one of the premier raiding guilds on Icecrown-US during late Burning Crusade and early Wrath of the Lich King. Horizon was well known for its late emergence during Burning Crusade and its speed of progression, passing many other guilds that had been together for many of the previous major patches. The guild was formed by former members of the guild Shock, with Sanik serving as the guild's leader.

In early Wrath of the Lich King Horizon saw great success in the expansions first content by downing Kel'Thuzad-25 on 12/08/08, Malygos-25 on 12/10/08, and Sartharion + 3 Drakes-25 on 1/11/09. However, early into Ulduar Horizon merged with Wraith to form a more solid raid core. That guild would eventually fail and the members of Horizon would go their separate ways. Some of Horizon's original members linger on Icecrown, while others can be found on Durotan-US and Frostwolf-US.


Horizon had a very large roster of officers. The guild was lead by Sanik. The raid leaders were Benzaa and Neos. The remainder of leadership was made up of general officers and class leaders.

Priest: Aerdna | Paladin: Nagnificent | Warrior: Ssphinx | Mage: Neos | Shaman: Dethday | Rogue: Trunten | Hunter: Aelryn | Warlock: Dipndotz | Druid: Benzaa

Other: Narcina | Obtuse | Kryonis


Horizon held a roster of many raiders, and unfortunately the list has been mixed up and forgotten. The last documented roster was in August of 2008 following the guild's first Illidan kill and it consisted of 49 active raid members.

Abrupt, Aelryn, Aerdna, Auraline, Bayani, Benzaa, Bugo, Candey, Danbala, Dementis, Dethday, Dipndotz, Docx, Earnheart, Emek, Faster, Feverfew, Herbicyl, Hideandsneak, Infernes, Kartas, Killamor, Kryonis, Lalune, Lazytown, Lightwave, Luckyyou, Mandown, Narcina, Nagnificent, Neos, Nobleguy, Obtuse, Redbull, Sanik, Sassori, Scarlet, Scrin, Skruff, SKywind, Ssphinx, Totemstotems, Tresor, Trunten, Unholyheals, Viceman, Vynash, Wigwam, Wretched

Tanks: Obtuse, Benzaa, Danbala, Viceman, Nagnificent

Healers: Sanik, Aerdna, Wretched, Unholyheals, Lightwave, Auraline, Vynash, Mandown, Skywind, Killamor, Scrin

Other members:

Polution (Tank): Removed for lack of awareness, reliability, and skill. Remained friends with several guild members and went on to tank for An She as it rose to power.

Phlug (Tank): Removed for lack of cooperation and attitude towards officers.

Injected (Hunter): A very skilled Hunter that left the guild as a result of drunken behavior.


Horizon is remembered by nearly every single one of its original members for its unmatched speed in progression. Which consisted of Karazhan through Sunwell (up to Kil'Jaeden) in just 4 months; Despite a considerable hold up on Teron Gorefiend.

Horizon was Icecrown's most revered guild by newer and under-geared players. These players were given a chance by Horizon to prove themselves regardless of gear or experience. Horizon often allowed players still wearing blues or even greens to join for Black Temple. The Paladin tank, Danbala, main tanked the AoE trash pulls in Hyjal and also killed Rage Winterchill, Anetheron, High Warlord Naj'entus, and Supremus while still wearing a green quest reward ring from Netherstorm.

Because of these standards, Horizon is the home to many raiders' first organized and competitve guild. This causes many of its members to cherish fond memories of other members of the guild and have undeniable nostalgia for Burning Crusade.

Interesting Facts

Though the guild was formed from original members of Shock, most of these players stopped playing after only a couple of weeks, leaving only a few experienced raiders at the helm.

Horizon's first Illidan kill came with a main hand Warglaive of Azzinoth, awarded to Kryonis.

The guild ran a free for all looting system. To increase pull time on trash only officers stayed behind the raid and looted drops. This looting system was also true for bosses, and during Horizon's lifespan not a single item was ninja'd...not even the Warglaives of Azzinoth.

Obtuse was the guild's main tank, however, he was very quiet and un-vocal during raids, only speaking in rare cases.

The Paladin tank, Danbala, was always trying to convince the officers that Retribution was competitive during Burning Crusade. Though, they remained skeptical. However, after moving away to college he became stuck with an unstable internet service provider and was asked to step down from tanking and show his skill in Retribution. Nagnificent (previously Holy) filled in the role of the Protection Paladin. While successful at Retribution, Danbala eventually began raiding on his Druid due to Skywind going on hiatus, leaving a healer position open. He was the only member of Horizon to switch mains during the middle of content progression. However, he moved back to his Paladin once Sunwell progression began.

Once, during a Supremus encounter, Aerdna was forced to solely heal the entire raid after things went awry leaving all healers and combat rezzes dead. He kept all tanks and remaining dps alive for around 2.5 minutes while the encounter finished. He was considered one of (if not the foremost of) Horizon's most raw talented players.

Memorable Quotes

Sanik: I don't want to hear any more mom jokes until Gorefiend is dead. Half of the Guild: Your mom doesn't want to hear any more mom jokes until Gorefiend is dead.

Benzaa: When something is going wrong, if you decide to talk on vent...make sure you tell us what the problem is and don't just yell "GOD DAMN IT, MOTHER FUCKER!!!".

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