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<Knights of the Divine> is a level 25 Horde Guild on the US realm "Dentarg". We are mainly built around the social, questing, dungeon, and raiding aspects on the game. We do however intend to branch out into PvP in the future. We currently allow almost anyone in the guild, and allow almost infinite freedom. Our officers are elected for life. meaning they are voted in, but have no set terms. Our ranking system is as follows: Squire, Apprentice, Knight, Holy Knight, Divine Crusader, Lord, High Lord (High Lady currently), and Guild Master. High Lord is the sub-GM rank, and Lord is the Officer rank, while Divine Crusader is the unelected sub-officer rank. Divine Crusader's are not officially deemed to be officers but in a sense they are. We currently have 7 bank tabs, and they are very open to those with proper rank. the rank of squire has little to no access to these tabs to prevent bank thieves, or "Ninja's". We are a guild of freedom, and the right to take part in government. This allows the members to have a say as to who is a part of their ruling body. We also use Ventrillo.

Guild Master : Weloenstal

High Lady : Lunessai


(The dates here do not represent any actual significance time-wise)

in progress


May 4, 2012

We have determined that there should be one lord per 100 members.

The high lord with the assistance of lords is to keep the guild vault organized.

Promotions will now be harder to obtain.

The Lords, High Lord, and Guild Master will nominate people for officer positions and the people will vote which one to use, contrary to the old system of all member may nominate anyone. This was Changed due to various issues that arose as a result of the old system.

All officers will be permitted ONE alternative character to possess their same rank, but the alt MUST have an alt note placed on it or it will be possibly subject to demotion.

June 1, 2012

It was determined that we should once again allow for two High Lords. Drneckcutta won the election.

It was determined the the bank tabs still need further maintenance.

Raid Night has been moved from Wednesday to Monday, and Molten Core has been moved from Monday to Wednesday.

We have added Thursday Night as "Helper Night" to have Max Levels assist Low Levels in their Leveling.

We have removed Scheduled "Red-Proto Runs" from the calendar.

July 1, 2012

Guild repairs are to increase

Removed Dragonsoul raid finder from tuesday, leaving tuesday empty

Removed Elite Knight rank

Revamped the ranking system

Added Jester rank as a punishment for misbehaving members

Requested that a list of rules be Officially made.

July 20, 2012

A list of guild rules has been established. #1 No Racist jokes, Comments, or References. #2 No Sexist comments, jokes, References, or talking about guildies in a sexual manner. #3 No Excessive use of Swearing #4 No Excessive Trolling #5 No Ninjaing #6 No Douchbaggery #7 No Fighting in Guild Chat #8 No Repetitive Begging.

Gulanis has been elected as the 8th Lord.

We have established a Council.

The Jester rank has been removed to be replaced with the Councilor rank.

Guild Master Weloenstal Will be making more executative decisions on his own rather than EVERYTHING being voted on.

We will be playing the Auction House in an attempt to make more gold to increase Guild Repairs even more.

September 7, 2012

Dalnuron has been elected for Lord to take Lunessai's old Lord position that she was in before she became High Lord.

There will be a PvE and a PvP Lord.

Gulanis is the PvE Lord.

We have added ICC Ach. runs for mondays.

BC/Vanilla Raid Night has been moved to wednesdays.

We added a Music Channel to vent.

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