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This article is a guild information page for Legio Italica of Anachronos Europe.

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Alliance 32 Legio Italica
Name Legio Italica
Server Anachronos Europe
Leader Welyn
Levels 80
Type PvE
Accounts 150 +
Website Legio Italica Legio Italica @ Anachronos

The Legio Italica is an Alliance social/raiding guild on the EU Server Anachronos. The members' comes only from Italy and in fact only Italian-speaking people can join the guild.

The focus of the guild is having fun in raiding contents, without being hardcore raiders. The raid times are 21:00 - 24:00. The guild leader Welyn and the officers make sure that strong social ties between people are maintained. The guild raids ICC10, ICC25, ToGC10, and RS10 from Monday to Thursday. The guild has a TS2 dedicated server.

The guild is recommended for polite people that wants to have fun raiding and doesn't complain for a lost loot. The guild IS NOT recommended for hard-core raiders.

If you want to become a member contact the leader or one of the officers like: Welyn (Guild Leader), Taboo (Officer), Moul(Officer), Nindee (Officer), Jenakid (Officer), Kallshu (Officer) or Ulfgar (Officer).

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