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This article is a guild information page for Mutiny of Azuremyst US.

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Horde 32 Mutiny
Name Mutiny
Server Azuremyst US
Leader Yoszie
Type PvE
Website Mutiny Mutiny @ Azuremyst

Mutiny is a mature social & casual raiding guild. We aim to combine casual raiding & often sexually explicit friendships to create a close-knit, fun, unique, non-judgemental casual raiding environment.

Social - Guildies are allowed to say whatever they want aside from being mean. Cussing and conversations about sex are a common occurrence.
Raiding - Signing up for the core group is optional, but gives you priority when groups are forming. Non-core members can choose whether or not to raid on a weekly basis - just sign up on the calendar. You are only expected to attend if you sign up. Raids are run casually with an emphasis on fun & working together rather than progression.


Mutiny was formed on August 29, 2008 led by Yos & Ravenoff.

Weekly raid schedule

Sunday - none
Monday - none
Tuesday - 6pm; Guild LFRs
Wednesday - none
Thursday - none
Friday - none
Saturday - 6pm; 10-man Mogu'shan_Vaults

Guild rules

  • All new recruits are required to be 18 years old or older. Do not invite any new members who are under 18.
  • Be nice & make an effort not to be easily offended. We have guild members of all walks of life & this may come up in chat. You need not agree or read guild chat if you don't like a topic. But respect your fellow guild members' preferences. They accept you for who you are & you need to accept them. Look the other way if you do not like what you see, but don't ask them to change for you. Do not judge your fellow guild members. Accept them & love them.
  • If you have the means, help your fellow guild members however you can without them having to ask.
  • Do not beg for runs/gold/etc. Try to help yourself first. If you do need help ask once & accept the answer. Help will be given if members can spare it & if doing so will help the guild as a whole. Begging when you've been told "no" & asking for help too often hurts the guild & will not be tolerated.
  • If you cannot attend a raid do not sign up for the event or join the core group. If you sign up or are a core group member be there. The guild will be counting on you.


Yos, O Guild Master

Ravenoff, O Nonspecialist

Stampey, O Nonspecialist

Mairyjayne, O Secretary

Caladvor, O Treasurer

Xozus, O Raid Leader

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