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WARNING: This article was written from a biased point of view and as such does not reflect an accurate portrayal of its subject.

Ruin Gaming Edit

Ruinous is a massive world pvp guild on the Kil Jaeden Server It is comprised of over two thousand active players and is on the Alliance faction in World Of Warcraft.They run weekly world pvp guild events in which they "Tour" the city's of the Horde faction, and by tour that means basically taking multiple raid groups into the capital city's of the horde faction killing the factions leader and camping the multiple horde guilds inside their own city for hours on end.

History of Ruin Gaming Edit

Ruinous is the handle the organization goes by today, but many years ago it went by another name, "Order of the Ancients" was a guild on the game Age of Conan or AoC for short hand. This game was promised to be a great world pvp game and Funcom had made many promises in the development of the game that this was going to be "the game" for anyone who loved PvP, but sadly Funcom flipped their entire development process before the game came out and it became trash and a lot of broken promises so after a while "Order of the Ancients" migrated to "Warhammer Online".

In Warhammer Online Ruin was officially formed and no longer went under the tag of "Order of the Ancients" with Arkhaos being the leader. While in Warhammer Online, Ruin was the best in the world at what they do best, which is world pvp.After crushing the destruction faction completely and the faction always having their city under attack it eventually came to pass that the faction depleted, and by that time the problems with Warhammer Online were getting worse and worse and ruin decided to move on to World Of Warcraft.

In World of Warcraft were Ruinous currently resides they continue to be a dominating force in world pvp and have even gone so far as to unite the horde world pvp guilds under one banner in an attempt to stop the threat that is Ruinous. Currently with the anticipation growing for games like SWTOR and GW2 Ruinous has stepped up their efforts to destroy the horde faction by going into their city's and starting huge battles more and more every day. Weekly bear mount runs for everyone!

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