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This article is a guild information page for Spectrum Rage of Garona US.

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only. Guild pages must comply with the guild page policy.

Overview Edit

History Edit

Spectrum Blade and Spectrum Rage were forged from the collective desire of gay/lesbian/bi/trans WoW players, and their straight friends, to find a guild free of the bigotry and intolerance that seems to reign free elsewhere in the game, as it does in the real world. Though over 3 years old, Spectrum Blade (Alliance) and Spectrum Rage (Horde), are still growing steadily, as prospective members discover the existence of our GLBT Straight-friendly family, and seek us out, or are invited by existing members.

The reason for our guilds' existence is simple: To provide a fun, friendly, and supportive atmosphere for GLBT players and their straight allies to game in, and be themselves without fear of prejudice or homophobia. We consider ourselves a casual guild, though many of our members enjoy raiding and PvP as well.

Mission Statement Edit

Spectrum Rage is not only a guild, it is a community of like-minded individuals who share the gaming values of respect, courtesy, support and cooperation. As such, it is expected that members of Spectrum Rage will share these values and participate in the community in a positive manner.

Because Spectrum Rage prides itself on developing a sense of community among its members, disruptive behavior or behavior that runs contrary to the community or values of the community may result in removal from the guild.

Guild Rules Edit

Membership Edit

Unlike many WoW guilds, we currently have no complicated requirements for membership. No huge applications to fill out. (just a simple one when you apply for membership to the website.) No tests to answer. No race, class, level, or profession restrictions. Anyone, gay or straight, who has a legitimate desire for the tolerance, support, and friendship that our guilds offer, is welcome to seek membership. That does not, however, mean that we have no criteria for accepting new members.

There are specific qualities that our guild possesses in abundance: open minds, tolerance of alternate lifestyles and beliefs, honor, loyalty, maturity, and camaraderie. We ask that anyone who joins us possess these same qualities. Any members who create problems for the guild by demonstrating a lack of these characteristics will be warned, possibly demoted, or if the behavior is severe, will have their guild membership revoked.

We have three requirements for membership:

  1. All members must be at least 18 years of age. This is a mature guild after all, and we would prefer not to be accused of corrupting any impressionable minors.
  2. All members must respect the differences of others, and especially be gay-friendly. Bigots in any form are not tolerated in the least and are not welcome in the guild. Any members who demonstrate prejudice towards a minority (race, spiritual path, sexual orientation, etc.) will likely be removed from membership post haste.
  3. All individuals seeking membership into Spectrum Rage must register on the guild website and post their request in the Membership Request forum.

Guild Hierarchy and Promotion Criteria Edit

  • Chieftain: Spectrum Rage Guild Leader - Takoda
  • Elder Seer: Co-leader(s) of Spectrum Rage, their alts, and alts of the Chieftain. The Elder Seer shares the same responsibilities and authority as the Chieftain and is considered his equal.
  • Elder: Highest rank of officer. Reserved for Spectrum Rage Officers. Full guild control rights to add, promote, demote, and remove members. This is a rank that is bestowed after all current officers of Elder rank or higher have voted and all agree the rank is deserved.
    • When an Elder position becomes available, candidates are nominated by the guild's current officers. Nominations are based on several criteria which include: loyalty to the guild and the ideals expressed in the guild charter, mature and helpful interactions with fellow guild members, knowledge of the game, frequent forum participation, and regular in-game availability. Elder candidates must be active guild members in good standing. If anyone has questions regarding officership in Spectrum Rage, they should contact the Chieftain or an Elder Seer.
  • Seer: Retired Elders
  • Treasury: Guild Banks
  • Warlord: Must have been active in the guild for at least 3 months or more. This Rank is an honorary rank for veterans of Spectrum Rage.
  • Squire: Regular Member. Has gone through the probationary period. May be promoted to Knight if requirements are met.
  • Outrider: Regular Member. Has gone through the probationary stage.
  • Runner: Probationary rank for new guild members. Must stay in the rank 2 weeks (without incident) before promotion. Runners are not allowed alts.

NOTE: After a player has been non-active for 2 months (1 month for Runners), they will be removed from the guild. This is just a bit of house cleaning and you are welcome to rejoin when you return. So, if you will not be able to be around for 2 months or more please let an Elder know.

Additional Rules Edit

  1. No spamming for items or help in guild chat.
  2. Do not ask for higher level members to help Power level you.
  3. There will be no reselling of items or services that have been given to a member by the bank or another member, unless you have made arrangement with the person providing the item or services! At no time will someone sell something on the Auction House that they have received from the bank. If you decided not to use it then send it back! Also any bags you get from the guild bank need to be recycled after you upgrade. By this I mean send them back to be redistributed or pass them along to other members who need them. Do not sell them!
  4. No advertising and selling of items or services in guild chat. Guild chat is not your personal trade channel and should not be treated as so. If you want to sell stuff use the AH!! In addition to this, do not offer items on guildchat and then when someone response wanting the item give them a price. This is not only tacky but just plain rude to your follow guildmates.
  5. No begging for gold from guild members. Period.
  6. Runners are not allowed alts. Alts can be added after promotion to Outrider.

Guild Hunt Etiquette Edit

Mind you each group is different and if your group decides on a different way of doing things than that is fine. These are just friendly guidelines that I expect to be followed in normal guild hunts.

  1. Do not pull when you are a caster, that's what tanks are for.
  2. Designate one puller and stick with that puller.
  3. If you're a caster and get aggro on you, let the group know and stay in one spot.
  4. Wait to loot till after all the fighting is done.
  5. Do not roll for something you can't use. If everyone passes on the item, then it's up for grabs. Also you can use the Need before Greed loot setting that only allows people to roll if they can use the item.
  6. Get with the rest of the group on how to handle chests. A good idea is to roll for it by typing /rand.
  7. Just like #2, don't loot chests until all the fighting is done.
  8. Do not move on until everyone is ready. Let your casters get their mana back and rebuff as necessary.
  9. Wait to rez until all the fighting is over.
  10. Healers need to watch the party member's bars.
  11. Casters should manage their mana and not blow it all on a pull.
  12. Coordinate crowd control with the rest of your group so they don't attack it.
  13. Once combat is over, look around and make sure nobody else is getting attacked.
  14. If you have to leave the group, let everyone know before you do it and don't do it in the middle of a fight.
  15. Help the healers help you by bringing along bandages and heal potions for you to drink.
  16. Do not leave your group behind! If you notice someone has fallen behind and aren't responding, wait for them.
  17. If your group is getting slaughtered, don't leave them to fend for themselves. Stick with them and help.

Officers Edit

Chieftain (Guild Leader) Edit

  • Takoda

Elder Seers Edit

  • Gag
  • Talulah

Elders Edit

  • Butchmor
  • Gackt
  • Grizzlyjack
  • Gutter
  • Jockstrapp

Raiding Alliance Edit

Alliance of Guilds Edit

Spectrum Rage is a member of the Alliance of Guilds which is an alliance of multiple small/casual guilds. The goal is to provide members the opportunity to experience end-game content without having to join a hardcore raid guild.

Raid Times Edit

All times are server time (Central).

  • Tuesday and Wednesday - Invites at 8pm, raid start at 8:30pm.
  • Saturday - Invites at 5pm, raid start at 5:30pm.

Raid Progress Edit

  • Karazhan - Cleared all bosses.
  • Gruul's Lair - Cleared all bosses.

External Links Edit

  • Spectrum Rage Guild Website - Come check out our guild website and if you decide to join us, follow the instructions in the Forums for joining the site. Once in-game, do a /who Spectrum to get a guild invite.
  • Alliance of Guilds Website - Alliance of Guilds is a way for small/casual guilds to see end-game content.

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