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This article is a guild information page for The Rapscallions of Dark Iron US.

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The Rapscallions is a Horde PvP guild on the Dark Iron server composed primarily of webcomic fans. The Rapscallions are a bitter rival of the Alliance guilds associated with the Penny Arcade webcomic.

They were formerly under the leadership of Tim Buckley, creator of Ctrl+Alt+Del. When the guild wasn't making the progress that he demanded. Tim Buckley then logged on when most of the guild was offline. He then proceeded to gkick most of it's members, and shut down the guild webpage with no warning. The only comment Tim made about the event, was that the guild progress disappointed him. Scott Kurtz of PvPonlinewho founded his own guild on that same server, Panda Attack, felt bad for the suddenly displaced guild members, and offered them a temporary home. Despite Tim Buckley's ego trip. The Rapscallion guild lived on under the same name. Some of it's original members are still active in the guild, even after the Lich King expansion came out.

The Rapscallions have over 200 members and are forging their name as a competitive end-game guild.

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