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This article is a guild information page for Undercity Jazzband of Moonglade Europe.

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Horde 32 Undercity Jazzband
Name Undercity Jazzband
Server Moonglade Europe
Leader Kysliana
Levels 80
Type PvE
Website Undercity Jazzband Undercity Jazzband @ Moonglade

Undercity Jazzband is a small guild on the European Moonglade server, currently raiding 10 man Icecrown Citadel bosses. The guild has cleared 10-man normal mode as of 17/05/2010, and is soon aiming at heroic modes. The main purpose is PvE, but PvP also occurs within the guild.

For more information, contact Avalina, Gartoth, Lyrr or Xensa in-game.

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