Hammer of the Naaru

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Hammer of the Naaru

Hammer of the Naaru is an epic two-handed mace best designed for paladins and enhancement-specced shamans.


This item drops from High King Maulgar in Gruul's Lair.


The draenei paladin Maraad in the opening cinematic of The Burning Crusade is wielding a Hammer of the Naaru, as is the reflection of Farseer Nobundo in the "Unbroken" image. In addition, many Draenei Vindicators in Shattrath City and in front of the Black Temple have been seen with this weapon.

This mace has become a valuble collector's item for players who possess it mainly because the mace is known to most World of Warcraft players because of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade opening cinematic.

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