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Hellscream's Fist

Hellscream's Fist is a large war zeppelin commissioned by Garrosh Hellscream. Floating above Bladefist Bay[37.9, 96], the ship is first boarded by Horde players making their way to Pandaria at Hellscream's behest.

On the way, the zeppelin encounters the Alliance sailing the waters near the northwest portion of the Jade Forest. Seeing a golden opportunity, General Nazgrim orders an attack. Though the Alliance ship is apparently destroyed, the zeppelin takes heavy damage and must rapidly descend. Unfortunately, their path sets them right in front of an enormous Alliance fortress in the jungle.

Nazgrim does what he can to harry the Alliance troops, even succeeding in annihilating the fortress. Yet the Alliance destroy Hellscream's Fist, leaving its pieces scattered through Honeydew Glade and the Horde survivors stranded in a strange, unforgiving land.


Initially encountered in Durotar
After the first foray with the Alliance, crew present


  • Though Nazgrim is the commanding officer of the troops, it appears that Sky Master Corpora may be the captain of the zeppelin.


  • During early stages of the Mists of Pandaria beta, the Horde arrived via another zeppelin, the Sky Shark, which was also destroyed by the Alliance. Hellscream's Fist was once the area now known as Strongarm Airstrip and never a zeppelin.

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