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Copying from Wikipedia to a wikia is permissible if both use the same license. It is necessary to include the proper acknowledgment so that readers can refer to the original and discover its authors. The best way to accomplish this goal is to use the Import/Export tool.

One easy way to add attribution is to use the {{Wikipedia}} template. If your wikia does not have a copy of this template, you can find one here. Another option, often used by Wikipedians when using works from Wikia, is to make the attribution in the page history via the edit summary.

The primary purpose of Wikia communities is not intended to duplicate substantial portions of Wikipedia or any other site. You may copy all or part of an article (and its links and templates), but you are expected to adapt, add to, and improve it so as to reflect your wikia's slant on the subject.

Note that when reusing images from Wikipedia, you need to visit the file page of the image and make sure that you are using the correct licensing when you upload the image to your wikia.

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