Improved Moonkin Form

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Improved Moonkin Form
  • Your Moonkin Aura also causes affected targets to gain X% haste and you to gain Y% of your spirit as additional spell damage.
Usable by
LocationBalance, Tier 7
AffectsMoonkin Form
Points required30
Spec specificYes
Talent requiredMoonkin Form

Improved Moonkin Form is a talent in the Druid's Balance tree, you will need to spend 34 points in Balance to max it. Improved Moonkin Form gives everyone in your party and/or raid 3% haste and grants you 30% of your Spirit as Spell Power while in Moonkin Form when maxed.

Rank table Edit

Rank Haste Spell power bonus
1 1% 10%
2 2% 20%
3 3% 30%

Notes Edit

  • The haste from this talent does not stack with other talents that grant 3% spell haste or more. It will also overwrite any other raid wide spell haste buff that is lower than 3%.

Tips and Tactics Edit

  • Because PvP gear generally doesn't have very much spirit on it, this talent is rarely used in pure PvP builds.

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