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  • Jeeves
  • Item Level 200Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • Requires Engineering (450)
  • Use: Requests the presence of Jeeves, the perfect gentleman robot butler, who will attend to your needs for 10 min.

    Jeeves can grant bank access to very skilled engineers and perform mundane tasks such as buying, selling, and repairing for anyone.
  • Cooldown: 1 hours

Jeeves is a repair bot item crafted by engineers.

Jeeves is the first Repair bot that is not 'consumed' on use, although requiring a large amount of resources to craft. It is also the first bot to provide bank access, although only to Engineers.

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This item is created with Engineering (450) and taught by [Schematic: Jeeves].

Required Materials:
2x [King's Amber] 30x [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
20x [Scrapbot Construction Kit] 2x [Field Repair Bot 74A]
10x [Field Repair Bot 110G] 8x [Titansteel Bar]

Ingredient List Edit

Raw Materials Needed
2x [King's Amber] 60x [Cobalt Ore]
80x [Saronite Ore] 6x [Copper Ore]
2x [Essence of Fire] 32x [Thorium Ore]
32x [Fel Iron Ore] 32x [Adamantite Ore]
4x [Khorium Ore] 20x [Mote of Fire]
48x [Titanium Ore] 80x [Crystallized Fire]
80x [Crystallized Earth] 80x [Crystallized Shadow]

Notes Edit

Like other repair bots, Jeeves does not survive logout*, or entering or leaving a battleground or instance.

*After summoning Jeeves in Dalaran, I logged my current character off and went straight to a different one in Dalaran. Jeeves was still there in the same place with his personal timer. So he DOES persist to a certain degree.

It is quite possible that Jeeves is a reference to the fictional butler valet gentleman's gentleman Jeeves, of P.G. Wodehouse fame.

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