Keldric Boucher

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AllianceNPC 32Keldric Boucher
Keldric Boucher
Title <Alchemy Supplies & Reagents>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 30
Affiliation Stormwind
Location Stormwind

Keldric Boucher is a level 30 alchemy supplies and reagents vendor located in the Trade District in the human city of Stormwind.

See List of Stormwind NPCs.

Vendor informationEdit

Item In stacks of
Inv jewelry talisman 06 [Ankh]1
Inv misc dust 01 [Arcane Powder]1
Inv misc food 02 [Ashwood Seed]1
Inv misc dust 02 [Corpse Dust]1
Inv alchemy leadedvial [Crystal Vial]5
Inv misc orb 05 [Demonic Figurine]1
Inv misc candle 01 [Devout Candle]1
Inv drink 06 [Empty Vial]5
Inv alchemy enchantedvial [Enchanted Vial]5
Inv misc food 02 [Flintweed Seed]1
Inv misc candle 03 [Holy Candle]1
Inv misc food 02 [Hornbeam Seed]1
Inv alchemy imbuedvial [Imbued Vial]5
Inv stone 05 [Infernal Stone]1
Inv misc food 02 [Ironwood Seed]1
Inv alchemy leadedvial [Leaded Vial]5
Inv misc food 02 [Maple Seed]1
Inv misc rune 08 [Rune of Portals]1
Inv misc rune 06 [Rune of Teleportation]1
Inv misc candle 02 [Sacred Candle]1
Inv misc food 02 [Starleaf Seed]1
Inv misc food 02 [Stranglethorn Seed]1
Inv stone weightstone 05 [Symbol of Divinity]1
Inv misc symbolofkings 01 [Symbol of Kings]20
Inv misc branch 01 [Wild Berries]1
Inv misc root 01 [Wild Quillvine]1
Inv misc spineleaf 01 [Wild Spineleaf]1
Inv misc root 01 [Wild Thornroot]1

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