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Neutral 32 Lashh'an
Veil Lashh
Veil Lashh
Race(s)IconSmall Arakkoa Arakkoa
Base of operationsVeil Lashh
Theater of operationsBlade's Edge Mountains

The Lashh'an are a group of arakkoa found at Veil Lashh in Blade's Edge Mountains.

The magic practiced by them seems unnatural, because they rip out handfuls of their own feathers as reagents.[1]

For example, one of their spells at one of their spellbooks, casted at one of the circles of power in Veil Lashh, seems to suffuse the caster with the spirit of a kaliri. The spell is very strange, and it is not a simple conjuration or enchantment, but some sort of communion or communication spell.[2]



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