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{{Lootbox|[[Seal of Righteousness]]
{{Lootbox|[[Seal of Righteousness]]
|Libram of Divine Purpose
|Libram of Divine Purpose}}
|Venture Co. Libram of Protection}}
{{Lootbox|[[Shield of Righteousness]]
{{Lootbox|[[Shield of Righteousness]]
|Venture Co. Libram of Protection
|Libram of the Eternal Tower}}
|Libram of the Eternal Tower}}

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Libram redirects here. For other uses, see Libram (disambiguation)

Librams are Paladin-specific relics. Relics replace Ranged Weapons for Druids, Paladins, Shaman, and Death Knights. They typically give significant bonuses to a single spell rather than a general stat bonus of ranged weapons.

Various Librams Edit

Notice: This list is incomplete. For a complete list, click here.

General Edit



Holy Edit


Flash of Light

Holy Light

Holy Shock

Protection Edit


Devotion Aura

Exorcism and Holy Wrath
This Libram is useful for Undead AoE tanking.

Holy Shield


Seal of Righteousness

Shield of Righteousness

Retribution Edit

Crusader Strike


Judgement of Command

Divine Storm

Unobtainable Edit

These are librams that are no longer obtainable to players who do not currently have one.

Arena Season 1

Arena Season 2

Arena Season 5

Classic Naxxramas

Notes Edit

The class-recipes (items that teach skills to a specific class) for paladins are also referred to as librams. While they all became redundant when TBC came out (adding their skills to the abilities paladin trainers offer), they are still found in the game. There are three of them in total:

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