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AllianceNPC 32Lynn Hyal
Lynn Hyal
Gender Female
Race Human (Ghost)
Level 40
Health 1,524
Reaction Alliance
Affiliation Theramore
Location Graveyard outside Theramore
Relative(s) James Hyal (husband), Vincent Hyal (brother-in-law), Jimmy Hyal (son)
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Lynn Hyal died in the fire of Shady Rest Inn. She appear when the player put a wreath on the Hyal Family Monument during the quest Official alliance mini-icon [39] Peace at Lastω τ ϖ.


Lynn Hyal says: James? James... No, you're not James, but I know who you are.
Lynn Hyal says: You're the one who tracked down the brutes who did this to us.
Lynn Hyal says: I tried so hard to tell Jim... to tell anyone... who was behind this, but I couldn't find a way...
Lynn Hyal says: Thank you for helping us and for helping Jim. If you see him, tell him little Jimmy and I love him and that we're waiting for him.
Jimmy Hyal says: Mommy, when will we see Daddy again?
Lynn Hyal says: I don't know when we'll see Daddy again, Jimmy, but I know he loves you and he misses you very much.

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