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Master Pet Tamers and Grand Master Pet Tamers are NPCs (quest givers and quest enders) added with Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria that have pets (3) to battle of various levels (usually in line with the recommended level of the zone they appear in) in order to gain Pet Battle System related rewards. Most of them offer account-limited daily quests to battle their pets.

The reward for defeating a Master Pet Tamer or Grand Master Pet Tamer is almost always a [Sack of Pet Supplies].

Pet tamers by continent or world

Eastern Kingdoms

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Zone NPC Location Pet level
Elwynn Forest Julia Stevens <Aspiring Pet Tamer> North corner of Maclure Vineyards. 3
Westfall Old MacDonald <Master Pet Tamer> Main road, just over the bridge from Elwynn Forest. 3
Redridge Mountains Lindsay <Master Pet Tamer> Just east of the southern end of the big stone bridge 5
Duskwood Eric Davidson <Master Pet Tamer> Next to the statue in the center of Raven Hill Cemetery 7
Northern Stranglethorn Steven Lisbane <Master Pet Tamer> Northwest of the "Y" northeast of Grom'gol Base Camp 9
Cape of Stranglethorn Bill Buckler <Master Pet Tamer> Wild Shore, near the path from Booty Bay 11
Hinterlands David Kosse <Master Pet Tamer> Just southeast "Y" in road southeast of Skulk Rock 13
Eastern Plaguelands Deiza Plaguehorn <Master Pet Tamer> Northwest shore of lake west of Light's Hope Chapel 14
Searing Gorge Kortas Darkhammer <Master Pet Tamer> Thorium Point 15
Swamp of Sorrows Everessa <Master Pet Tamer> North shore east of Marshtide Watch 16
Burning Steppes Durin Darkhammer <Master Pet Tamer> Just east of where the road to Blackrock Mountain meets the west-east road 17
Deadwind Pass Lydia Accoste <Master Pet Tamer> West of Karazhan 19


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Zone NPC Location Pet level
Durotar Zunta <Aspiring Pet Tamer> Farmhouse southeast of Thunder Ridge 2
Northern Barrens Dagra the Fierce <Master Pet Tamer> In hills between Crossroads and Farwatch Post 3
Ashenvale Analynn <Master Pet Tamer> On road between Zoramgar Outpost and Maestra's Post 5
Stonetalon Mountains Zonya the Sadist <Master Pet Tamer> Road south of Windshear Hold and southwest of Krom'gar Fortress 7
Desolace Merda Stronghoof <Master Pet Tamer> Northern Cenarion Wilds 9
Southern Barrens Cassandra Kaboom <Master Pet Tamer> In hills between Desolation Hold and Razorfen Kraul 11
Feralas Traitor Gluk <Master Pet Tamer> On north road to Dire Maul 13
Dustwallow Marsh Grazzle the Great <Master Pet Tamer> Just east of entrance to Onyxia's Lair 14
Thousand Needles Kela Grimtotem <Master Pet Tamer> Northwest of Darkcloud Pinnacle 15
Felwood Zoltan <Master Pet Tamer> South shore of small pond northeast of Jaedenar 16
Moonglade Elena Flutterfly <Master Pet Tamer> In small island between two streams on south shore of Lake Elune'ara 17
Winterspring Stone Cold Trixxy <Grand Master Pet Tamer> Just east of "T" in road to Mazthoril 19
Uldum Obalis <Grand Master Pet Tamer> East side of dam, central Uldum 25
Mount Hyjal Brok <Master Pet Tamer> Along road south of lake under Nordrassil 25


Zone NPC Location Pet level
Hellfire Peninsula Nicki Tinytech <Master Pet Tamer> Stands on the main road where it meets the forks towards Honor Hold and Thrallmar. 20
Zangarmarsh Ras’an <Master Pet Tamer> In Sporeggar on the bank of Sporewind Lake. 21
Nagrand Narrok <Master Pet Tamer> Walks the main road, N of the Ring of Trials. 22
Shattrath City Morulu the Elder <Master Pet Tamer> West of the Lower City Quartermaster. 23


Zone NPC Location Pet level
Howling Fjord Beegle Blastfuse <Master Pet Tamer> On a clifftop, North of Westguard Keep. 25
Crystalsong Forest Nearly Headless Jacob <Master Pet Tamer> Walks the main path around the Mirror of Twilight. 25
Dragonblight Okrut Dragonwaste <Master Pet Tamer> Stands at the S end of the Path of the Titans. 25
Zul'Drak Gutretch <Master Pet Tamer> Stands at the top of the stairs on the main road towards Crystalsong Forest. 25
Icecrown Major Payne <Grand Master Pet Tamer> Argent Tournament Grounds. 25

Great sea

Zone NPC Location Pet level
Darkmoon Island Jeremy Feasel <Master Pet Tamer> West side of main road, just south of carousel 25


Zone NPC Location Pet level
Jade Forest Hyuna of the Shrines <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Whispering Pandaren Spirit <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Valley of the Four Winds Farmer Nishi <Grand Master Pet Tamer> Fork in the main path that’s Southeast of the “D” in “The Heartland”. 25
Krasarang Wilds Mo’ruk <Grand Master Pet Tamer> Lounges at the beach camp on West side of the island West of the Silty Shallows. 25
Kun-Lai Summit Courageous Yon <Grand Master Pet Tamer> Inside a cave at the top of Kota Peak. 25
Townlong Steppes Seeker Zusshi <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Burning Pandaren Spirit <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Aki the Chosen <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Thundering Pandaren Spirit <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Around Mogu’shan Palace. 25
Dread Wastes Flowing Pandaren Spirit <Grand Master Pet Tamer> Far Southeast, the little peninsula jutting out into the water that separates Dread Wastes from Krasarang Wilds. 25

NPC title

  • These NPCs will have the title <Master Pet Tamers> or <Grand Master Pet Tamer>.

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