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For hunter pet abilities, see Pet abilities. For battle pet abilities, see Battle pet abilities.

A list of warlock minion abilities.

Basic minions

WoW Icon 16x16 This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.
Icon Spell Min Level
Spell fire fireball02 [Firebolt] 1
Spell shadow bloodboil [Blood Pact] 4
Ability heroicleap [Flee] 33
Inv misc volatilefire [Cauterize Master] 68
Spell fire elementaldevastation [Singe Magic] 71
Spell shadow impphaseshift [Phase Shift] Removed
Spell fire firearmor [Fire Shield] Removed
Icon Spell Min Level
Spell shadow gathershadows [Torment] 8
Spell shadow blackplague [Suffering] 15
Ability warrior disarm [Disarm] 20
Inv elemental primal shadow [Shadow Shield] 28
Spell shadow antishadow [Shadow Bulwark] 54
Spell shadow sacrificialshield [Sacrifice] Removed
Spell shadow antishadow [Consume Shadows] Removed
Icon Spell Min Level
Spell shadow curse [Lash of Pain] 20
Spell shadow mindsteal [Seduction] 26
Spell magic lesserinvisibilty [Lesser Invisibility] 33
Ability warlock whiplash [Whiplash] 56
Spell shadow soothingkiss [Soothing Kiss] Removed
Icon Spell Min Level
Spell shadow soulleech 3 [Shadow Bite] 29
Spell nature purge [Devour Magic] 30
Spell shadow mindrot [Spell Lock] 50
Spell shadow brainwash [Fel Intelligence] Removed
Spell shadow auraofdarkness [Paranoia] Removed
Felguard ( Demon Spec RoundIcon Demonology specialization)
Icon Spell Min Level
Inv axe 09 [Legion Strike] 42
Ability warlock eradication [Threatening Presence] 42
Ability rogue sprint [Pursuit] 43
Ability warrior bladestorm [Felstorm] 48
Ability warrior titansgrip [Axe Toss] 53
Spell shadow deathpact [Demonic Frenzy] Removed
Spell shadow gathershadows [Anguish] Removed
Ability warrior cleave [Cleave] Removed
Ability rogue sprint [Intercept] Removed

New minions

Infernal Cataclysm-Logo-Small /
Abyssal Mists-Logo-Small with [Grimoire of Supremacy]
Icon Spell Min Level
Spell fire selfdestruct [Immolation] 49
Doomguard Mists-Logo-Small /
Terrorguard Mists-Logo-Small with [Grimoire of Supremacy]
Icon Spell Min Level
Spell shadow shadowbolt [Doom Bolt] 58

Talent upgraded minions

Mists-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Upgraded minions from [Grimoire of Supremacy] (general talent available at level 75). For the upgraded Infernal (Abyssal) and Doomguard (Terrorguard), see the previous section.

Fel Imp

(replaces Imp)

Icon Spell
Spell fire felflamebolt [Felbolt]
Spell shadow bloodboil [Blood Pact]
Ability heroicleap [Flee]
Inv misc volatilefire [Cauterize Master]
Spell fire elementaldevastation [Sear Magic]

(replaces Voidwalker)

Icon Spell
Spell shadow gathershadows [Torment]
Spell shadow blackplague [Suffering]
Ability warrior disarm [Disarm]
Spell shadow rune [Void Shield]
Spell shadow antishadow [Shadow Bulwark]

(replaces Succubus)

Icon Spell
Inv weapon shortblade 54 [Bladedance]
Inv jewelcrafting dragonseye02 [Mesmerize]
Spell magic lesserinvisibilty [Lesser Invisibility]
Inv misc volatilelife green [Fellash]

(replaces Felhunter)

Icon Spell
Inv misc food meat raw 08 [Tongue Lash]
Achievement boss cthun [Clone Magic]
Spell nature elementalprecision 1 [Optical Blast]
Wrathguard ( Demon Spec RoundIcon Demonology specialization)

(replaces Felguard)

Icon Spell
Inv axe 09 [Mortal Cleave]
Ability warlock eradication [Threatening Presence]
Ability rogue sprint [Pursuit]
Ability warrior bladestorm [Wrathstorm]
Ability warrior titansgrip [Axe Toss]

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