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-- If you see most of this on one long line, switch to 'source' view, because its Lua, not Wiki Text. See Module:uitest/test or WoWWiki:Uitest for test page.

-- This is a test template for a Wiki 'Module' module. -- -- Template functions done this way can be many orders of magnitude faster than using -- traditional means. Some pages that have long lists can take 20-30 seconds to save -- due to template processing. These modules are the Wiki Media answer to such issues. -- -- Modules are comprised of functions and are callable from normal -- templates like so: {{#invoke:uitest|hello}} -- In this case the 'hello' function of 'uitest' module is called to emit "Hello, -- world!" to the current normal page processing scope.

local p = {} function p.hello( frame ) return "Hello, world!" end return p

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