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A martial artist without peer who pummels foes with hands and fists.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Hit Rating / Expertise Rating (both 7.5%)
  • Agility
  • Haste Rating (until possible to use abilities on every gcd);
  • Critical Strike Rating
  • Mastery Rating
Icon Ability Min Level
Ability ghoulfrenzy [Tiger Strikes] 10
Monk ability fistoffury [Fists of Fury] 10
Ability dualwield [Dual Wield] 10
Pandarenracial bouncy [Combo Breaker] 15
Ability monk flyingdragonkick [Flying Serpent Kick] 18
Spell misc hellifrepvpcombatmorale [Combat Conditioning] 20
Ability monk touchofkarma [Touch of Karma] 22
Spell priest finalprayer [Afterlife] 26
Ability monk energizingwine [Energizing Brew] 36
Icon Ability Min Level
Ability monk sparring [Sparring] 42
Ability rogue cheatdeath [Adaptation] 45
Ability monk explodingjadeblossom [Spinning Fire Blossom] 48
Inv chest leather 06 [Leather Specialization] 50
Ability monk risingsunkick [Rising Sun Kick] 56
Ability monk tigereyebrandy [Brewing: Tigereye Brew] 56
Ability monk tigereyebrandy [Tigereye Brew] 60
Spell sandstorm [Storm, Earth, and Fire] 75
Trade alchemy potionb3 [Mastery: Bottled Fury] 80
Ability monk prideofthetiger [Legacy of the White Tiger] 81

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