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Mur'ghoul Flesheater


The mur'ghoul are a group of undead murlocs found at the Chillmere Coast in the Howling Fjord. They are former Chillmere murlocs who have been risen by the Scourge necrolords into undeath.[1][2]

In the Ghostlands, there is a group of murlocs, called the "Grimscale", who retain their free will in undeath, though at the time it is stated by Official horde mini-icon Apothecary Renzithen[3] that it is unclear whether this is caused by a natural resistance to the will of the Lich King or if the undead murlocs, like the Forsaken, broke away at some point from the Scourge. This question is pretty much answered when you meet the mur'ghoul and find out they're being controlled by the Scourge. Meaning that the murlocs in the Ghostlands probably broke free from the Scourge like the Forsaken.[citation needed]



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