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This item is created with Tailoring (440); taught by [Pattern: Mysterious Bag].

The pattern is sold by Cielstrasza  <Wyrmrest Accord Quartermaster> in Wyrmrest Temple and requires that the buyer is Revered with the Wyrmrest Accord to be learned.

Materials required:
4x [Spellweave] 2x [Moonshroud]
1x [Eternium Thread]

Raw Materials Edit

Raw materials required:
60x [Frostweave Cloth] 12x [Infinite Dust]
8x [Eternal Fire] 4x [Eternal Life]

This can be made cheaper by having the Spellweave and Moonshroud made by specialized tailors.

Optimized Raw materials required:
30x [Frostweave Cloth] 6x [Infinite Dust]
4x [Eternal Fire] 2x [Eternal Life]

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