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Instance portal redPvp-arenapoints-iconThe Ring of Trials
The Ring of Trials
Sometimes called the "Nagrand Arena"
LocationNagrand, Outland
Arena info
Advised level90
Minimum level90
As it appears on the minimap.

Ring of Trials (also called the "Nagrand Arena") located in Nagrand, southeast of Garadar. It used to be an ancient orcish proving ground. This arena supports up to 5 players on each side.

This arena is an open field with 4 supporting columns near the middle. The starting areas are opposite each other. Like all arenas, after five minutes, two Shadow Sight power ups would appear that let the user see stealthed and invisible characters; however, it also does a little damage to the user.

Ring of Trials TCG
In World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game.

Notes Edit

Prior to Patch 2.1, a cyclone would appear one minute into the fight and randomly spin into players, slowing and damaging them.

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