Nether Tempest

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Nether Tempest
Spell mage nethertempest
  • Nether Tempest
  • 40 yd  range
  • 1.5% of base mana
  • Instant cast
  • Places a Nether Tempest on the target which deals X Arcane damage over 12 sec. Each time Nether Tempest deals damage, an additional 50% of that damage is also dealt to a random target within 10 yards.
Usable by
Cooldown (GCD 1.5 sec)
Level required75
Related debuff
Spell mage nethertempest
  • Magic
  • Nether Tempest
  • Deals X Arcane damage every 1 sec.
    Deals X Arcane damage to a random target within 10 yards every 1 sec.
  • Duration: 12 seconds

Nether Tempest is a mage talent available at level 75, modified by spell power.

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Patch changes Edit

  • Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.4.0 (10-Sep-2013) Nether Tempest now deals 85% damage to players (up from 70%).
  • Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.0.4 (28 August 2012): Added.

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