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Night Dragon's Breath is a special consumable from the plants of Felwood.


Night Dragon's Breath can be collected from using Inv drink 17  [Cenarion Plant Salve] on Corrupted Night Dragon (produces Cleansed Night Dragon) in Felwood. There are 4 Spots where the plants can be found.

Night Dragon's Breath as a Quest Objective

Neutral 15  [55] Libram of Constitution

Turn in

to Neutral 15  Mathredis Firestar


  • Player can get 3 to 7 Night Dragon's Breath from one plant.
  • The item shares a cooldown with Inv misc food 55  [Whipper Root Tuber], Healthstones and many other items.
  • While Night Dragon's Breath doesn't restore much health or mana for a level 60 character, it does not share a cooldown with potions, making it a useful supplement, especially for raiding.

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