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Nightsong Woods
Nightsong Woods

Nightsong Woods is the largest bulk of Ashenvale forest, stretching from just east of Astranaar in the west, all the way east to Azshara.

This is where most of the heavy cross-faction fighting occurs, and where the Warsong Clan and the Silverwing Sentinels have their holdings. The Falfarren River runs through the Nightsong Woods, roughly dividing it into a western Alliance-aligned part, and an eastern Horde-aligned part. The most notable settlement in Nightsong is Splintertree Post, which is the center of operations for Horde in the region, although the draenei and night elven outpost of Forest Song has recently risen to prominence. The southern reaches of the woods have experienced widespread deforestation at the hands of the Warsong orcs, who use the thick lumber in the trees for settlements and resources.

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