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The shrine

The Nova Shrine (called the "Twisted Jukebox" by some), located in the Netherstorm, south of Arklon Ruins, and west of Manaforge Coruu, is a small blue shrine only reachable by flying mount. Netherstorm in Outland is a great place for the creators of the game to hide little tidbits and oddities they've created that didn't make it into other games, were rejected from storylines, or just plain nonsense they had fun designing. The Nova Shrine is one of those things.

Located in Netherstorm within sight of the Manaforge Coruu, The shrine is a futuristic-looking tombstone surrounded by pink crystals and has the look of something of draenei origin. It shows glowing runes that appear to be "NOVA" (tomb flashes the letters N, O, V, and A), and plays the StarCraft I theme.

It is the memorial to the discontinued Starcraft: Ghost game. May it rest in peace.

Nova as a blood elf Edit

According to WoW Insider, Blizzard took a blood elf female and dressed her to make her look as much like Nova as possible with a full white "ghost suit". She was stealthed and sitting in front of the monument. She was added one month after Bc icon Burning Crusade was released, but removed from the game two to three months after release (after Patch 2.0.12?).

This NPC is Nova Terraω τ ϖ.

There also is currently a blood elf child on the northeast shore of Sunstrider Isle named Official horde mini-icon  Nova. She is accompanied by Official horde mini-icon  Jane, another blood elf child, with her cat, Official horde mini-icon  Kitty, and a half naked blood elf male named Official horde mini-icon  Jessel.

Comments by Drysc Edit

6. Re: Strange Blue Shrine Floating in Nethersto | 2007-07-20 18:36 | Drysc
Rest in peace Nova...

I close my eyes
Only for a moment, then the moment's gone
All my dreams
Pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind...


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27. Re: Strange Blue Shrine Floating in Nethersto | 2007-07-20 18:44 | Drysc
Some say that under certain conditions you can see her ghost...

Pun not intended.

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  • To hear its music, put the sound and ambiance levels on your System bar down to 0, with music all the way up.
  • This easter egg's specific history, purpose, and creator are currently unknown.

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