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The Orb of Command is the "shortcut" entrance to Blackwing Lair in Blackrock Mountain. It is located down the hall to the right of the entrance to Blackrock Spire.

The Orb of Command is only usable if one has completed the quest Blackhand's Command, the attunement quest for BWL. In order to gain this quest, you must kill the Scarshield Quartermaster between the Blackrock Spire instance portal and the Orb - protected by several Scarshield warriors - and gain a copy of Rend Blackhand's instructions. Once this quest is attained, you must enter Upper Blackrock Spire and kill its dragon lord, General Drakkisath. Directly behind the General, once you enter the Spire Throne, is a glowing orb known as Drakkisath's Brand. Once Drakkisath is dead, touch Drakkisath's Brand and you will be given the "Mark of Drakkisath". Once you have the Mark of Drakkisath, you are attuned for Blackwing Lair and can enter the instance using the Orb of Command.

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