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* {{ability|Bash}}
* {{ability|Bash}}
* {{ability|Claw}}
* {{ability|Claw_(druid_ability)|Claw}}
* {{ability|Demoralizing Roar}}
* {{ability|Demoralizing Roar}}
* {{ability|Feral Charge}}
* {{ability|Feral Charge}}

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Physical is a damage type (classified as a school of magic) inflicted by all melee attacks, some ranged attacks, and the special abilities of druids, hunters, rogues, and warriors. Physical damage can be reduced by armor, blocked by shields, and dodge. Melee physical attacks can be parried, and all physical attacks can miss. Block and parry do not work against attack from behind. All weapons except wands deal physical damage and damage can be increased by increasing Attack Power. Some offensive Physical abilities, like Thunder Clap and Piercing Howl, aren't treated as physical attacks but rather as spells, and as such have a base resistance chance but otherwise can not be avoided. This resistance chance can not be increased.

Offensive physical abilities





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