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Primal Mooncloth Robe is cloth chest armor for priests

Wearing all three pieces of this set allows 5% of the wearer's mana to regenerate while casting. Although it is a Cloth set, some Restoration Druids also wear it for the set bonuses.

It is part of the Primal Mooncloth Set.

Source Edit

Primal Mooncloth Robe is crafted by Primal Mooncloth specialised Tailors with a skill level of 375.

The components are:

14x [Primal Mooncloth] 12x [Primal Mana]
4x [Netherweb Spider Silk]

The pattern may be purchased from tailoring vendors in Shattrath City at a cost of 6 Gold .


This item is useful for Holy Priests. It may also be useful for other healing builds.

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