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Alliance 32 A Fowl Shortage
Start Official alliance mini-icon  Daryl Riknussun <Cooking Trainer>
End Official alliance mini-icon  Daryl Riknussun <Cooking Trainer>
Level10 (Requires 10)
TypeCooking, Daily quest
Experience1 skill point in Cooking
ReputationIronforge +250
Rewards1 Achievement profession chefhat [Chef's Award]
Scales by level (16 Gold 54 Silver at Level 85)

This is one of the Ironforge daily cooking quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.


Collect 6 Dun Morogh Chickens near the entrance to Ironforge.


Oh, no, <name>, this is going to be a disaster if we don't find some chicken soon... Ye just cannae make cock-a-leekie soup without the chicken! It's not possible!

There's still time to make the soup and broth if ye can find some fresh chicken. Will ye help me? There are usually a few chickens running around outside the front entrance to the city. If ye can get yer hands on, say, six o' them, that should save me soup.


The chickens, <name>, do ye have them or not?


Aye, that's exactly what I needed. Ye have me thanks, <name>, and me apologies fer bein' so brusque earlier. I just cannae stand the thought of not gettin' a meal finished on time.


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