Quest:A Little Oomph

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Horde 32 A Little Oomph
StartApothecary Dithers
EndApothecary Dithers
Level10 (Requires 7)
CategoryTirisfal Glades
Rewards[Night Web Gloves] or
[Advanced Night Web Crossbow] or
[Reaper's Buckler]
3 Silver 50 Copper
PreviousGrisly Grizzlies

Objectives Edit

Obtain 4 samples of Vicious Night Web Spider Venom.

Description Edit

<Dithers samples his latest concoction.>

Hmm... this isn't quite there. It needs something to give at a little more zing. I've got it! The spiders to the north have a potent venom that'll do the trick. See if you can extract some for me, <name>?




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
[Night Web Gloves] [Advanced Night Web Crossbow]
[Reaper's Buckler]

You will also recieve:3 Silver 50 Copper

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