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Horde 32 A Strange Weapon
StartFel Orc Corpse
Level62 (Requires 60)
CategoryHellfire Peninsula
ReputationThrallmar +250
PreviousThe Assassin
NextThe Warchief's Mandate

A Strange Weapon returns the character back to Thrallmar with a unusual axe.

Objectives Edit

Bring the Heavy Stone Axe to Nazgrel in Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.

Items Needed:

Description Edit

You pull the stone axe out of the body to examine it more closely. There's something unusual about the craftsmanship of the weapon.

Its origin appears orcish, though the materials aren't like anything you've seen before. Nazgrel might be interested in seeing the weapon.

Details Edit

  • This is a simple delivery quest back to Thrallmar.

Progress Edit

Tell me, is the assassin dead?

Completion Edit

He was killed by this weapon? It can't be!

Have we... found them?

Quest progressionEdit

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