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Horde 32 A Time to Break Down
StartDarkcaller Yanka
EndDarkcaller Yanka
RewardsAchievement halloween candy 01 [Tricky Treat] x3


Use the Dousing Agent on the Wickerman[32.8, 49.6] in front of Stormwind.

  • Douse the Alliance's Wickerman

Provided item:


Well met, <class>. As we revel in the Wickerman ceremony, it comes as no surprise that the Alliance would attempt to ruin our celebration.

We have an opportunity to make them pay. If you are interested, <class>, take this Dousing Agent and use it on the Alliance's Wickerman in front of Stormwind.

Extinguish their flame and revel in their misery, <class>.


Ah, so it is done. A momentary set back, but if it is as annoying as their attacks have been, then it is worth it.

The children learned about your adventure and were very excited. They seemed to revel in the mayhem that you helped bring about... Oh those little rascals...

They did want you to have some of these treats as a reward. Enjoy, <name>.


You will receive:


Hug the northern mountains as much as possible on your trek to Stormwind, staying careful to avoid guards. Once near the Wickerman, do your best to not step into the Stormwind City boundary (you will become flagged). Douse the Wickerman and hearth.

Patches and hotfixes

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.2.0 (28-Jun-2011): Added.

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