Quest:A Worthy Challenge: Sha of Doubt (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 A Worthy Challenge: Sha of Doubt
StartChallenger Soong
EndChallenger Soong
Level90 (Requires 90)
TypeDaily Heroic
CategoryTemple of the Jade Serpent
Rewards60 Pvecurrency-valor and 45 Gold 60 Silver

Objectives Edit

Complete the Temple of the Jade Serpent Challenge Mode.

Description Edit

<name>, I need you to assemble a hearty group and lead them into the Temple of the Jade Serpent. Activate the Challenger's Orb therein, and vanquish the Sha of Doubt.

Return to me when you've completed this challenge, and I shall reward you handsomely.

Completion Edit

You have my gratitude, <name>. You've displayed great valor today, and the speed at which you completed the challenge surely will impress your friends and intimidate your foes.

Rewards Edit

45 Gold 60 Silver
60 Pvecurrency-valor

Gains Edit

  • 471,000 XP.

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