Quest:Acid Rain

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Horde 32 Acid Rain
StartShademaster Kiryn
EndShademaster Kiryn
CategoryJade Forest
RewardsUncommon item
9 Gold 40 Silver
PreviousForensic Science
NextLay of the Land

Objectives Edit

Using the Goblin Recovery Drone, kill 50 Hozu Assailants and 50 Enraged Hozu.

Description Edit

The corpses are certainly piling up, but we don't seem to be making a dent in their numbers. In fact, I fear they're amassing for a major assault!

We're going to have to take some drastic measures if we hope to see tomorrow.

Here, take my poisoned throwing stars and figure out a way to thin out their numbers.

Completion Edit

Excellent! What a creative solution!

That should hold them off for a while.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

You will be able to choose from the following additional rewards:
Item Class Spec(s)
[Ambermist Cuffs] IconSmall Priest  Priest Disc Spec RoundIcon PaHoly Spec RoundIcon Shad Spec RoundIcon
[Jade Witch Armbands] IconSmall Shaman  Shaman Elem Spec RoundIcon SResto Spec RoundIcon
[Silkwood Cuffs] IconSmall Mage  Mage
IconSmall Warlock  Warlock
Arc Spec RoundIcon Frost Spec RoundIcon Fire Spec RoundIcon
Affl spec roundicon Demon Spec RoundIcon Destro Spec RoundIcon
[Fox Grove Wristguards] IconSmall Hunter  Hunter
IconSmall Shaman  Shaman
BM Spec RoundIcon Marks Spec RoundIcon Surv Spec RoundIcon
Enh Spec RoundIcon
[Jade Tiger Armplates] IconSmall Deathknight  Death Knight
IconSmall Paladin  Paladin
IconSmall Warrior  Warrior
DkFrost Spec RoundIcon Unholy Spec RoundIcon
Ret Spec RoundIcon
Arms Spec RoundIcon Fury Spec RoundIcon
You will be able to choose from the following additional rewards:
Item Class Spec(s)
[Blackthicket Bindings] IconSmall Druid  Druid
IconSmall Monk  Monk
Bal Spec RoundIcon DResto Spec RoundIcon
Mist Spec RoundIcon
[Glass Lake Bracers] IconSmall Paladin  Paladin PaHoly Spec RoundIcon
[Deepwoods Armwraps] IconSmall Druid  Druid
IconSmall Monk  Monk
IconSmall Rogue  Rogue
New Feral Spec RoundIcon Feral Spec RoundIcon
Brew Spec RoundIcon Wind Spec RoundIcon
Arms Spec RoundIcon Comb Spec RoundIcon Subt Spec RoundIcon
[Thunderwood Armplates] IconSmall Deathknight  Death Knight
IconSmall Paladin  Paladin
IconSmall Warrior  Warrior
Blood Spec RoundIcon
PProt Spec RoundIcon
WProt Spec RoundIcon

Media Edit

Notes Edit

  • Hop aboard the drone just down the ramp from Kiryn.
  • It's best to have a top-down view when doing the quest, as you'll want to use the second ability below when you are directly over any of their camps.
    • Inv throwingknife 07   [Throw Star] 100 yd range—Hurls one of Kiryn's Throwing Stars dipped in her special Hozu poison. (1 sec cooldown)
    • Spell deathknight explode ghoul   [Poison Blossom]—Hurls several of Kiryn's Throwing Stars at once in a radius around you. (12 sec cooldown)

Progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon  [85] Nazgrim's Command
  2. Official horde mini-icon  [85] Lay of the Land

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