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Neutral 32 Aggressive Growth
StartRayne Feathersong
EndRayne Feathersong
Experience69,400 XP
or 16Gold53Silver99Copper at Level 90
Reputation+250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards25Gold 94Silver
2 x Inv misc markoftheworldtree [Mark of the World Tree]
PreviousThrough the Gates of Hell


Plant 5 Smothervine Seeds in the Ash Piles in the Ashen Fields[48, 69].

  • Smothervine planted (5)

Provided item:


Our warriors are doing everything they can to hold back the elementals, but their numbers are endless. We need to do something to slow down the assault.

Find some suitable patches of dirt or ash out on the Ashen Fields to our north and plant these seeds. They will grow deadly vines that may slow down our enemies a bit. It's not much, but every bit helps.


We will win this battle. Whatever it takes, we will not let these elementals back into Hyjal.


You will receive:

Quest progression

  1. Neutral 15 [85] Calling for Reinforcements
  2. Neutral 15 [85] Leyara
  3. Neutral 15 [85] Through the Gates of Hell and complete the daily quests listed below to earn enough [Marks of the World Tree] to continue. (150 marks at 14 per day + 15 from Through the Gates of Hell; does not count Ricket's Daily)
  4. Regrowth Dailies
  5. Molten Front Dailies
  6. Ricket's Daily (requires Additional Armaments and Well Armed completion)(one of the following)

Patches and hotfixes

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.2.0 (28-Jun-2011): Added.

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