Quest:Alicia's Poem

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Alliance 32 Alicia's Poem
EndCaylee Dak
Level70 (Requires 64)
CategoryShattrath City
Experience6250 (or 3 Gold 75 Silver at 70)

This quest was introduced in patch 2.3, and honors Dak Krause, a 28 yr old who died of leukemia August 22, 2007. See the entry for Caylee Dak, one of his characters in WoW.

Objectives Edit

You have been asked to deliver Alicia's Poem to Caylee Dak in Shattrath City in Outland.

Quest Text Edit

Hi, I wrote a poem for my friend Caylee. She likes to hang out with the Aldor in Shattrath City. You know, in Outland?

Could you take my poem to her? My mommy says I'm too young to go to Shattrath City!

Progress Edit

Oh, is that a poem?

Completion Edit

What a touching poem, thank you!

Reward Edit

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