Quest:Ally of the Tauren

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Neutral 32 Ally of the Tauren
StartRavak Grimtotem
EndRavak Grimtotem
Requires Level 60
CategoryAlterac Valley
Experience0 EXP XP
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You have been tasked with slaying opposing gnome players in Alterac Valley. Kill a gnome and return to Ravak Grimtotem at Frostwolf Keep with a Tuft of Gnome Hair.


The Elder Crone has sent me to this warzone to research the other races. More specifically, I am to collect gnome samples. Magatha is primarily interested in their survivability. Aye, the gnomes - while pitifully weak and miniscule - exude great resilience both in and out of combat. Fortunately for you, I am looking for ruffians to do Magatha's bidding. Return to me with tufts of gnome hair and you shall be known to the tauren as an ally.


You will receive:1Gold 80Silver

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