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You will receive: {{cost||45}}.
You will receive: {{cost||45}}.
== External links ==
==External links==
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Neutral 32 Banner of the Stonemaul
Level39 (Requires 35)
CategoryDustwallow Marsh
Experience4150 (or 24Silver 60Copper at 70)
PreviousBloodfen Feathers


Retrieve the [Stonemaul Banner] and bring it to Brogg at Mudsprocket.


When the dragons came and took over Brogg's old home, Stonemaul ogres fled and left everything behind, including clan's banner.

Brogg knows banner was kept deep in Stonemaul ogre mound, but these days it's called Den of Flame. Brogg must have clan banner to get his revenge on dragons who killed his friends.

Brogg's clan's old mound, Den of Flame, is northwest of Mudsprocket and crawling with dragonkin. Banner will be deep inside the cave. Be careful, <name>.


You bring Stonemaul banner?


You have Brogg's thanks, <name>. Brogg has big plans for clan banner.


You will receive: 45Silver.

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