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Horde 32 Blackriver Brawl
StartRaider Captain Kronn
EndRaider Captain Kronn
Requires Level 73
TypeDaily PvP
CategoryGrizzly Hills
Experience20750 (or a 9Gold 96Silver compensation at level 80) XP
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Reputation+250 with Horde Expedition
Rewards10x [Venture Coin]
5Gold 60Silver


Raider Captain Kronn wants you to slay 10 Alliance units or players at the Blackriver Logging Camp.


The Venture Company abandoned operations shortly after we showed up. Clearly they were afraid of what we were going to do to their greedy little hides.

With them gone, their logging camps are up for grabs. Our war machine is a hungry beast... without renewing our supplies we won't make it to Icecrown.

Unfortunately the Alliance seems to have the same idea and we must make sure we're the ones that prevail. Head into the logging camp and help us fight the Alliance scum.


You will receive:
Inv misc coin 16
10x [Venture Coin]
5Gold 60Silver


Have you slain the Alliance dogs? Victory must be ours!


Well done, <name>. Our control over the logging camp might not be complete yet, but thanks to you we're one step closer to smashing these Alliance worms.



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