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Alliance 32 Blackrock Bounty
Start Official alliance mini-icon  Guard Howe
End Official alliance mini-icon  Guard Howe
Level25 (Requires 20)
CategoryRedridge Mountains
ReputationStormwind +250
Rewards18 Silver

Objectives Edit

Kill 15 Blackrock Champions and Guard Howe in Lakeshire will reward you.

Description Edit

The Blackrock Clan must be destroyed. The Enemy has invaded our lands. These mountains fall under the sovereign right of the King of Stormwind. Our sources tell us that the leaders of each unit within the Clan are known as Champions. You'll find them in their encampment to the north, just west of the road to the Burning Steppes. Magistrate Solomon wants these foul brutes dead. Slay 15 Blackrock Champions and return to me.

Completion Edit

I see you have fought valiantly against the Blackrock Clan, <class>.  Your service to our township is great indeed.

Reward Edit

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