Quest:Blessing of Zim'Rhuk

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Neutral 32 Blessing of Zim'Rhuk
Start(Statue of) Zim'Rhuk
End(Statue of) Zim'Rhuk
RewardsBlessing of Zim'Rhuk
PreviousThe Blessing of Zim'Rhuk

Objectives Edit

Rewards Edit

The following spell will be cast on you:

Spell holy sealofwisdom Blessing of Zim'Rhuk

Progress Edit

<Zim'Rhuk is impressed and frustrated that once more you seem to have dodged his guardians. At least for now.>

<Place the offerings before him and he will grant you his blessing again.>

Completion Edit

<Zim'Rhuk forces an image into your mind of one of his guardians squishing you beneath its foot. Perhaps you should attempt to appease Zim'Rhuk with more offerings.>

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