Quest:Bloody Bone Necklaces

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Horde 32 Bloody Bone Necklaces
Level37 (Requires 30)
CategoryStranglethorn Vale
Experience2100 EXP (or 12Silver 60Copper at level 70)
Rewards[Bloodbone Band]

Objectives Edit

Bring 25 Bloody Bone Necklaces to Kin'weelay at the Grom'gol Base Camp.

Description Edit

I was sent to Grom'gol to aid Nimboya on his quest, but... I too have reasons for being here. The Bloodscalp tribe is enemy to our tribe. Collecting trophies of our enemies gives us power over them. You may aid our tribe by hunting our enemies. They dwell to the north. Slay Bloodscalp trolls and take from them their bloody bone necklaces. Collect many, and your reward will be great.

Progress Edit

The Bloodscalps will one day be crushed by the Darkspears!  Do you have the necklaces of our doomed foe?

Completion Edit

Ah, very good.  I will boil these, and leech them, and the spirits of their owners will weaken as I render their necklaces to paste! Here, <name>.  This will repay my debt to you.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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