Quest:Building a Better Gryphon

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Alliance 32 Building a Better Gryphon
StartRip Pedalslam
EndBrunn Flamebeard
Requires Level 67
CategoryBlade's Edge Mountains
Experience1150 EXP (or 69Silver at level 70) XP
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Objectives Edit

Speak with Brunn Flamebeard at Wildhammer Stronghold.

Description Edit

I've heard that the Wildhammer dwarves maintain a gryphon roost at their fortress down in southern Shadowmoon Valley. If you're going down there, would you speak to them on my behalf? I have some ideas on how to improve their gryphons! Why stop at armoring them when you could attach an altimeter, a rear view mirror, and rocket? Imagine how fast you could go with one of those babies strapped to your gryphon's back! I'll call it the TurboGryphon 8000!

Completion Edit

<Brunn's face reddens until its color is indistinguishable from his beard.> He wants to do WHAT to my gryphons? If that little pipsqueak puts anything other than a saddle on them, I'll personally travel up to Blade's Edge and stuff that rocket o' his down his throat!

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1150 XP (or 69Silver at level 70)

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