Quest:Call to Arms: Arathi Basin (Horde)

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Horde 32 Call to Arms: Arathi Basin
Start Official horde mini-icon  Horde Warbringer
End Official horde mini-icon  Horde Warbringer
Level70 (Requires 20)
CategoryDaily PvP
Rewardsup to +419 Pvpcurrency-honor-both
11 Gold 99 Silver at level 70

One of the daily battleground PvP quests for money and bonus   Pvpcurrency-honor-both honor points. See Event calendar on the official site for which battleground has the daily PvP quest.

Objective Edit

Win an Arathi Basin battleground match and return to a Horde Warbringer at any Horde capital city or Shattrath.

  • Victory in Arathi Basin

Description Edit

Arathi Basin is on the verge of being lost to Alliance forces. We must send reinforcements at this very moment or all our efforts will have been in vain.

Do not delay, <class>, go to Arathi Basin and crush the enemy. Victory to the Horde!

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