Quest:Cannot Reproduce (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 Cannot Reproduce
EndChief Engineer Boltwrench
Experience22,050 XP
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Thassarian aboard the Skybreaker wants you to use the Partitioned Flask at each of the 3 cultists' cauldrons[48, 34] at Aldur'thar, then bring it to Chief Engineer Boltwrench.

  • Blue Sample Collected
  • Green Sample Collected
  • Dark Sample Collected
  • Inv potion 100 [Partitioned Flask] (Provided)


I smell their cauldrons from here, but that's not plague they're cooking.

Pledges to the cult are forced to drink a concoction that steals their will and enslaves them forever to the Lich King.

Some say the potion contains the twisted soul of a being who was tormented before being mercilessly slaughtered, but I've never been able to reproduce it...

Fill this flask with a sample from each of the three cauldrons in the northwest region of the gate and bring it to Chief Engineer Boltwrench.


Whatdya got there, <race>?


<Boltwrench pours the contents of the flask into his tetrahydroparticle analyzer.>

What we have here is a simple failure to conglomerate...




There is a slight Easter Egg in this quest. The terms "Cannot Reproduce", "Not a Bug" and "Need More Info" are terms used for "states" of a bug tracked in the program "DevTrack", which is used by Quality Assurance Testers and developers to communicate about bugs written up by the testers. Therefore this is a slight homage to QA Testers throughout the game industry.

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