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Horde 32 Clammy Hands
StartOfficial horde mini-icon Razgar <Fishing Trainer>
EndOfficial horde mini-icon Razgar <Fishing Trainer>
Level10 (Requires 10)
TypeFishing, Daily quest
Experience1 skill point in Fishing
ReputationOrgrimmar +250
Rewards1 Achievement profession chefhat [Bag of Shiny Things]
Scales by level (16Gold 54Silver at Level 85)

This is one of the Orgrimmar daily fishing quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.


Collect 10 Monstrous Clam Meat from the clams near the eastern shoreline, just south of Orgrimmar. Return to Razgar once you are done.


Nothing tastes like fresh monstrous clam meat, <name>. I have been so busy with work these past few weeks that I have not been able to make it out to the local clam spawning grounds. Think you could run down there and gather some of those tasty treats for me?

The clams can be found near the shoreline on the eastern coast of Durotar. Should be plenty right around the Orgrimmar docks.


Were you able to find the clams?


Looks like you found the clams, <name>. These will do nicely.


You will receive:

Achievement progression

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