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Alliance 32 Cold Water Fishing
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Grimnur Stonebrand <Fishing Trainer>
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Grimnur Stonebrand <Fishing Trainer>
Level1 (Requires 10)
Rewards+1 Fishing skill, [Bag of Shiny Things]
16Gold 54Silver (at level 85)


Catch 5 Artcic Char by Fishing in Helm's Bed Lake.

  • Artcic Char: 0/5


The best tastin' fish live in the cold waters o' Dun Morogh, <<playerName>>, an' don't let anyone else tell ye otherwise! Me favourite, an the most popular one in Ironforge is the arctic char, which only comes from our ancestral lands.

I like tae think o' it as Ironforge's gift t' the world!

Why don't ye try yer hand at catchin' a few yerself? The best place tae find 'em is down in Helm's Bed Lake, in the southeastern end o' Dun Morogh.

In progress

Have ye tried to catch those char?




You will receive: 16Gold 54Silver (at level 85)

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